​Self Defense and Martial Arts Training

Self Defense Kung-fu

The Discipline of Synchronizing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

​What is Self Defense Kung-fu?

There is no direct English translation for the term "Kung-fu." The closest translation is "...to master with time."  And thus is exactly what we teach and train at Self Defense Kung-fu.  You will learn the art and techniques of self defense, which you will master over time spent practicing.  We utilize the science of muscle memory to train your body to spring into action for when your self defense training is most needed.

At Self Defense Kung-fu, we do not train for competition, though the option is available for private training sessions.  As our name specifies, at Self Defense Kung-fu, we specialize in practical and proven effective self defense techniques.  We train in both "empty hand" and bo staff techniques.

Why the bo staff?  Because we specialize in practical self defense techniques, the bo staff is the most logical and practical melee martial arts weapon to learn.  The bo staff is simply a stick.  If one were to find himself/herself having to physically defense themselves out in a real life-or-death situation, a stick would be the most common and accessible weapon.  Bo staff techniques can be utilized while using a broom stick, a mop stick, branch off a tree, a pipe, long crowbar, ...etc.


Currently, all sessions are given as private sessions to be held at your home, my home, or another prior agreed upon location.  We do not have a centralized location for group classes.  We are working on erecting or purchasing a building that we will convert into a karate school.  At which time, group class rates will be recalculated at a lower cost to you.  Private sessions will still be available at that time for students who prefer the one-on-one experience.


$65.00 per hour per private session.


Agree and commit to a minimum of 4 one-hour sessions per month, and receive a $5 credit per 1 hour session.

Refer a friend or family member, and you will receive a $5 credit to each and every of your hour sessions for each referral that remains a paying student of Self Defense Kung-fu.

If you agree to meet at the same location as one, or several, of your referrals, both you and your referred friend will each receive an additional $5 credit separately to each one of your one-hour sessions.

There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make. The is no limit to the number of credits that you can receive.  If total credits exceed the value of your hourly session costs, then we will payout the credit balance to you!


You agree to 4 one-hour sessions per month.  You will pay $60 per session instead of $65.

Then, if you refer 3 friends and all 3 become students of Self Defense Kung-fu, then you will receive an additional $15 credit to every one of your 1 hour sessions.  Thus, you will pay only $45 per one-hour session.

If all 3 of your friends agree to meet at your house at the same time as your sessions, then you will receive an additional $15 credit.  Your hourly cost is now only $30! and your friends will each receive $5 off their hourly session rate.

If you refer another 4 students, you will receive another $5 credit for each and every one of your referrals, totaling to $20 worth of credit.  At this point, your one-hour sessions are now only $10!

If each one of those 4 new students were to agree to meet at your house at the same time as your session, then you'd receive an additional $20 credit.  Your total credit value has now exceeded your total cost by $10 per hour per session. So, we would actually payout those $10 to you!

And still, every additional referral you make going forward will earn you $5 per hour per session that we will actually payout to you!